As the market began to shift in the late summer to fall of 2022, and many homes began to sit on the market for 100+ days, every home listed by the BlueFuse team was under contract within days of the listing going live.


It is critical that your real estate agent understands what makes a home sellable in any market. Markets shift and what would sell instantly, and for above asking, a few months ago, when inventory was low, won’t sell in a market with expanding inventory and plenty of options for buyers.

Questions to ask a prospective real estate agent who might list your home:

  • What’s the average number of days it takes to get a contract on your listings in a “normal” market?
  • In a “normal” market, how close do your listings sell to the asking price?
  • How do you help make the house as appealing as possible?
  • Is there someone on your team who is dedicated to making certain the transaction runs as smoothly as possible?

Pricing, Staging, Presentation, and the right improvements all work together to ensure you get the best price, as quickly as possible, for your home. With decades of experience and backgrounds in sales and negotiations, our team achieves our clients’ goals with great regularity.

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