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Top Real Estate Agent, Aaron Potter, Shares What Makes Him Successful

How Establishing Your Niche as a Real Estate Agent Can Fuel Your Success

Aaron Potter began his career in banking and moved into mortgage lending.  In 2016, Aaron was tired of banking and made the move to real estate.  Aaron understood how to manage a pipeline and jumped in to real estate in 2017.  Aaron set goals and moved fast.  

"Do the stuff no one else wants to do." was the advice his friend gave him.  He took on open houses that other agents didn't want to do.  He just hustled!  Aaron knocked on doors of expired listings and won those.  He was hyper-local working his neighborhood and became known in his community.  

48% of Aaron's real estate business was in his own neighborhood in 2022.  

Aaron focuses on niches. He focused all of his marketing on his 4,000 home neighborhood and just did that.  He specialized in that one area.  Your niche should come natural.  Where do you live?  Where do you do life?  Consider those things.  Aaron created a neighborhood page for real estate.  The admin of the local Facebook page told him he should "Start your own page, no one wants to see your posts here...".  So, he did!

Watch additional interviews on the Unstoppable Agents YouTube Channel.  

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